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Windows Server 2016: What’s new??


Windows Server 2016: a Brief Introduction
Windows Server 2016, the upcoming cloud-ready server operating system, is set to launch Q3 2016 by Microsoft as a part of Windows NT Family of operating systems. This upcoming series of server offers new levels of security and innovation to the applications and infrastructure that power your business.
Below are some significant features of Windows Server 2016 as per the Microsoft’s Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 5:

Hyper-V, the native hypervisor to create virtual machines has been enhanced in Windows Server 2016. It include various features; to name a few – Production Checkpoints, hot add and remove of network adapters and memory, Linux secure boot and shielded virtual machines.

Nano Server
The Nano Server, which is a deeply refactored version of Windows Server, that provides the lowest possible Windows footprint is now updated & can be used for building Nano Server images with support from various Windows Server editions.
The improved Recovery Console will have the ability to repair configuration of WinRM.

The Files and Storage Services now include new features like Storage Spaces Direct, Storage Replica and Storage Quality of Service.
Data deduplication process is enhanced by now being multithreaded. This supports in utilizing multiple CPUs per volume to improve throughput on volumes up to 64TB.

The traffic can be mirrored and routed to the new or existing virtual appliances. The distributed firewall and Network security groups together will enable you to segment and secure workloads dynamically.
The Windows Server container networking can be managed with Docker. Also, the SDN policies can be associated not only with virtual machines but containers as well.

Identity and Access
The organizations can rely on the new features in Identity to secure Active Directory environments. This will help them migrate to cloud-only deployments and hybrid deployments.

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