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What New Changes Exchange Server 2016 Brings in Comparison to Exchange Server 2013

exchnage server 2016

With the release of Exchange Server 2016, system admins are quite excited to have a look at what new changes and modifications Microsoft has brought in its mail server platform. The release of the on-premises Exchange Server 2016 has come with many anticipated changes, especially concerning the development of Exchange Online as Office 365 part.

New Changes in MS Exchange Server 2016 in comparison to Exchange Server 2013
More integration with Office 365

Microsoft has made it clear that they are dedicated towards developing their cloud-based platforms for all the applied functionalities. Exchange Server 2016 witnesses a further move towards this, with enhanced integration into Office 365. It comes with several features, corresponding to the hybrid improvements, including Exchange Online Protection, Modern Attachments, and Compliance Center.

Outlook on the Web

Outlook on the Web is a re-presented version of Outlook Web App. The interface provides an updated, improved look and feel for email experience, especially with smartphones and tablets. This is the principal email client for Exchange Online.

Improved Document Collaboration

Unifying with SharePoint Server 2016, the Exchange Server enables users to share documents through links from Outlook, rather than forwarding the attachments. You can also share the documents with OneDrive.

Improved Architecture

The old Mailbox server role and Client Access role are now combined into a single server role, the Exchange 2016 Mailbox server role. The other server role is the Edge Transport server role, meaning only two server roles are now present in Exchange Server 2016. This has been done as the Exchange now takes a more cloud-focused look. This works greatly in presenting a simplified architecture, for enhanced performance.

Improved Data Loss Prevention Feature

One of the main concerns with every new release is the security, and Microsoft has taken a good care of that here. The new data loss prevention functionality includes 80 different steps to scan data and information in the Exchange message flow. This helps in enhanced prevention of leaking of sensitive data.

These are the key changes adopted by the new release of Exchange Server. If you are looking to move to the Exchange Server 2016 and want to gain knowledge of cloud-focused mail client, then enroll for a comprehensive Microsoft Exchange Server course at NetCom Learning. Through lab-based exercises and official curriculum study practices, the MS Exchange Server training will provide participants with in-depth understanding of the Exchange 2016 and help move their company to the new version.