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Learn How to Transition from Windows 7 to Windows 10


When a new product update for your current product is available in the marketplace, it is always wise to perform some in-depth research before you license it. Likewise, if you are using the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system and would like to upgrade to Windows 10, this article will help you learn the differences between the two operating systems. To learn more about each OS, you can join the highly professional Windows 7 and Windows 10 Training OS conducted by NetCom Learning.

Read further to learn the differences between the two operating systems.
Microsoft Account

Once you upgrade to Windows 10, the OS will prompt you to sign into Microsoft accounts. This is used to log on to other Microsoft services, like OneDrive, Windows Store, etc. However, this is optional. During the Windows 7 upgrade, the OS will prompt you to sign into your Microsoft account optionally. However, Microsoft services available for use with Windows 7 are very limited.

Start Menu

Windows 10’s Start Menu lists all the installed applications in alphabetical order with an enhanced look and feel. The Start Menu also provides you with many live applications from the Windows Store. The Windows 7’s Start Menu is similar to classical menu, where all installed applications were grouped under “All Programs.”

Task Manager

The Task Manager in Windows 10 is upgraded to manage Windows applications more effectively. New tabs like “Start Up,” and “App History” have been added to give more information. Also, users can now check Ethernet and Wi-Fi performances separately. Whereas, the Task Manager in Windows 7 does not provide information about start-up applications separately.


Cortana is a digital personal assistant for every user. It is part of the Windows Taskbar and helps with searching the Internet or your local files. When you click on Windows Search, Cortana will provide suggestions on what to search. It will also take voice input. The Windows 7 Taskbar is very simple and has the classic search, allowing you to search only local programs and files.

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