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What are the top benefits of using Microsoft Office 2016 for business enterprises?

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Microsoft released the cloud-supported Microsoft Office 2016 in September 2015 with smarter features and better usability. After the launch of Microsoft Office 2016, Microsoft’s CEO said, “The way people work has changed dramatically, and that’s why Microsoft is focused on reinventing productivity and business processes for the mobile-first, cloud-first world.” Almost all the Fortune 500 companies are using Microsoft Office 2016. If you are an IT professional, learning the Microsoft Office Latest Version is crucial.

In this article, let’s discuss the top benefits of using the newest Microsoft Office release.
Everything is on the cloud

With MS Office 2016, users can create, edit, and save their files on the cloud. Your work can be saved to Google’s OneDrive or to any SharePoint location. Users can then share these files to a machine or access them remotely. With an Office 365 subscription, Office MS users can transform the entire workplace to the cloud.

Better functionalities for Mac users

Office 2016 is compatible with Apple’s Retina Display. This makes the document text and graphics look crisp and sharper, and the presentations impressive.  The newest Microsoft Office also supports cloud features for Mac OS.

Better team collaboration

With cloud features in place, team members can share the documents needed for projects wherever and whenever. Employees can collaborate and work together even when they are on different continents and in different time zones.

Advanced Visual effects

Microsoft Office Suite 2016 provides enhanced visual effects to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, so Office users can employ color-rich visual diagrams with new chart types for their project documents or presentations.

Improved Business Intelligence

Tools like Power BI have been added to the Microsoft Office latest version to help users improve business intelligence and business analytics.

These benefits of Microsoft Office 2016 can help each business enterprise to gain a competitive advantage in the current marketplace. Interested candidates can train to become certified in Microsoft Office 2016.

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