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Get a Leg up on Your Future – Become a Windows 10 Specialist


Think about this: 72 percent of employers use IT Certification as a requirement for certain jobs. And once you get that job, reports say that getting certified is one of the fastest ways to get a raise.

Start down the path to becoming a Microsoft Certified Windows 10 Specialist, and get the advantages that certification brings.

We’ll help you out ...

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10 Things you should know about Windows 10

After Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 8.1; the all advanced Windows 10 operating system was launched for consumer release on July 29, 2015. It’s one of the most popular and adapted operating systems across the globe. You should definitely know these 10 things about Windows 10:

Windows Hello – Smile or wink!


Now, you can login in your Windows 10 PC with a wink of an eye or a ...

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