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What are the Benefits of Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Certification?

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Are you thinking about pursuing Microsoft SQL Server 2016 certification but want to know its benefits? If so, you have reached the right place, as this article will walk you through the benefits that professionals can receive. Spending time and money on MS SQL Server 2016 certifications is a sound investment. As a Microsoft SQL Server 2016 certified candidate, you will stand out from the crowd. Join ...

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6 Most Popular Job Roles in Big Data


Big data is not about the size of the data, it’s about the value within the data. In computing terms, it refer to the extremely large sets of data that could be used to analyze the trends and patterns of a particular behavior. In a study, Gartner says “It’s not just about Big Data; it’s what you do with it.”

4 V’s of Big Data:

Volume: Volume defines the amount of ...

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