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Big Data: Break Into Today’s Most Popular Profession


In this era of technological advancement, the amount of data an organization currently holds inversely decides the growth it will experience in the near future. Big Data is the term coined to describe this large volume of data that drives a business on a day-to-day basis. But this does not mean that procuring big data can alone help an organization to make sound decisions and strategic moves. ...

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Change the Learning Culture with ‘MOC On-Demand’ Self Instructed Training


The era is changing and E-learning is becoming most popular nowadays. The MOC On-Demand course is a perfect solution & a qualitative alternative for the IT professionals with busy schedules. MOC on demand will help you to enhance your competencies with video based learning that gives you the flexibility to learn wherever and whenever you want to. It offers a real-time environment for hands-on training and will ...

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