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A Silver Lining on the Cloud, Test the Richness of Your Azure

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Microsoft Azure: An Introduction

Microsoft Azure, or what was formerly known as Windows Azure is a cloud computing service offered by Microsoft, which is managed through a global network of Microsoft managed data centers. It helps in building, testing, deploying, managing applications and assisting in several services.

Microsoft Azure is a boon to small and midsize businesses and industries. It helps them remain more responsive to ...

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Change the Learning Culture with ‘MOC On-Demand’ Self Instructed Training


The era is changing and E-learning is becoming most popular nowadays. The MOC On-Demand course is a perfect solution & a qualitative alternative for the IT professionals with busy schedules. MOC on demand will help you to enhance your competencies with video based learning that gives you the flexibility to learn wherever and whenever you want to. It offers a real-time environment for hands-on training and will ...

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