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“Share, Engage, Lead” – Uphold the Employee Engagement with SharePoint 2013!

As the trends are changing, most of the companies are moving towards real-time collaboration, in order to empower their employees. Their focus is directed more towards employee engagement as it is correlated with the organizational productivity and performance.

This is where Intranet comes into play and promotes employee engagement by offering tools that boost peer-to-peer collaboration. It establishes unified communication among employees leading to faster information distribution and swift knowledge transfer. Microsoft SharePoint stands out to be a powerful collaboration tool which can be used to increase the efficiency of the business processes.


Check out a few user friendly and advanced features of MS SharePoint 2013 below:
Social features

SharePoint Server 2013 is now reorganized into 3 hubs: Newsfeed, OneDrive, and Sites. You don’t need to specifically visit your My Site in a browser to access social features.


OneNote integration

When you create a team site, OneNote shared notebook is automatically created as part of the site which can be used to capture, compile & share information.


Document Library

A single library in SharePoint can hold up to 30 million files. You can use simple drag and drop feature to move files between your desktop or any other location.

A suite of different Apps

SharePoint Server 2013 includes support for the development, installation, management, and use of different apps that solve a specific end-user need or performs a specific task.


Mobile version of your library

SharePoint 2013 offers optimized viewing across different mobile platforms.

 Social Computing

Now you can use the new micro-blogging ability on News-feed page in My Site.

 Web Content Management

Cross site publishing, Image renditions, Video and embedding, Variations & Content translations; a lot of stuff is offered to manage the web content in SharePoint 2013.


Simplified Sharing

Improved My Sites saving, synchronization, sharing, and moving of content.

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