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How important is Microsoft Office 365 for developing a productive business environment?


Organizations are steadfast in using cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 for devising business strategies to achieve increased productivity. In 2015, as per Business Insider, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, revealed the number of Office 365 active users to be over 50 million. Another survey done by Okta, a cloud-based company, stated that Office 365 is the most deployed application among its 2,000 business customers. Join the best MS Office 365 Training today to learn the trending cloud-based Office 365 and get the best out of it.

Read further to learn about the importance and benefits of Microsoft Office Cloud software.
Provides a smarter way to work

Cloud-Based Microsoft Office 365 software allows you to set up a modern enterprise with reduced cost. Office 365 includes all the amenities necessary for efficient productivity, such as e-mail, Communicator, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, on a collaborative mobile platform. These features can be accessed using smart phones, such as Apple, Android, and Blackberry, or any handheld devices. Office 365 also supports the web-based access of most of its features, enabling users to work from any location. This paves way for a productive workforce.

Cutting-edge security

Built using the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle, the MS Office 365 cloud software suite offers a secured work environment. Office 365 secures your data centers and servers with proper biometric access and effectively prevents all malicious activities. The Microsoft Office cloud-based software possesses built-in antivirus and advanced encryption to protect user assets from external threats.

Communicate and Collaborate on the go

Streamlined communication among employees is vital for business productivity. Office 365 provides a wide range of communication tools enabling smooth communication among employees at all levels.  This helps to improve teamwork, even when team members are working from different locations.

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