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Nine Technologies to Future-Proof Your Business

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Technology helps businesses become “future-proof.” No matter what the future holds, the proper application of technology can guide a business seamlessly through ups and downs. But there’s always the question of what, when, where, and how. All of these questions are equally important. It is vital to understand what technology should be adopted, when is the right time to modify, where changes should be implemented, and how to progress and adapt. Once a business has a clear strategy for the four aspects of the technological cycle, it will achieve a future-proof operating status.

The following insights highlight how different technologies can future proof your business:

  • Business Intelligence

It is likely that your business has already adopted basic business intelligence tools to optimize your workforce. Customized and integrated tools where information interacts with different modules representing different business processes provides a high level of vital information. Knowing how to utilize this information is key to employee insight.

Correlated information can help businesses understand how various processes are interdependent or independent of each other. The information is used to bring in paradigm changes for improved efficiency, better productivity, and reduced costs. Future changes are anticipated through the use of data. Intelligent systems use the existing information to predict the future more precisely. Businesses utilizing the proper business intelligence technology are able to readily adapt and make significant changes for a better future.

  • Agility

Technology-induced changes happen quickly, often exceeding expectations. Disruptive technology is consistently changing the way businesses approach consumers. Agility helps businesses to quickly respond to rapidly changing systems. Maximized agility is achieved when an efficient Business Intelligence System in place.

Although 61% of organizations experience three or more major changes per year, only 17% think they are effective at managing change. A business properly achieves agility when it creates an agile learning culture internally, resulting in a higher adaptability to change and increased employee engagement. Learn more with this whitepaper on Building an Innovative Learning Organization.

  • Cybersecurity

With businesses dependent on in-house and outsourced information solutions, cybersecurity becomes a critical factor. Providing a safe and secure user interface is a must to be future proof. For security leaders at larger organizations, changing business imperatives and operations can make the challenge of securing the organization a complex one.

Cybersecurity is now a management priority as leadership begins to understand that cybersecurity is not simply a function of IT, but directly ties to organizational risk. Understanding business initiatives and aligning risk helps raise awareness and visibility. Learn more with this whitepaper about the Top 5 Cyber Threats and Vulnerabilities.

  • Mobility

Mobile apps help you quickly connect with your customers and create better customer engagement. Smartphones have already started replacing traditional desktop computers. Mobiles are more convenient to use and offer quicker and more effective solutions.

Mobile solutions help businesses retain customers and engage with them in a more constructive way. Mobile e-commerce has increased by 40%. This sharp increase in the purchases and payments done using mobiles ask the businesses one glaring question: Are you mobile-ready? Learn more with this white paper featuring 10 Ways to Improve your Business with Mobile.

  • Big Data and Analytics

Big Data is helping businesses understand more about customer behavior patterns and emerging trends. The proper implementation of big data technology provides essential information a business can use to analyze and understand the market, customers, employees, and competitors. This transforms the way business is conducted, even leading to the creation of successful niche markets. Learn more with this Data Science Whitepaper.

  • Deep Learning

Deep learning takes big data analysis to the next level. It helps businesses predict future requirements in terms of market, employees, customers, and financials. Deep learning technologies and artificial intelligence work together to make better predictions using information already available within your business.

  • Cloud Computing

Everyone is on the cloud. Cloud computing simplifies data management. It is an essential tool for businesses to maintain uninterrupted access to information from any location and at any time. When businesses budget significantly for mining and analyzing information, it is important that they are able to access the results seamlessly.

  • Online and Offline Engagements

Although one-on-one interactions with customers are not always possible for large businesses with a national or international presence, online and offline engagements are possible with little effort. Social media and the internet can be effectively used for online customer engagements. Offline engagements can be outsourced to efficient partners who specialize in high-quality customer interaction. Optimized customer engagement helps retain good customers.

  • Around the Clock Support

Providing around the clock support is essential for progress in a competitive market. It not only helps businesses resolve customer complaints quickly, but also aids in understanding customer behavior and increasing customer relations. The ability to provide immediate support is essential for success and sustenance in a disruptive technology driven commercial environment.

  • Findings

The utilization of future-proof technologies enables your business to be proactive. With the proper systems and employee training you are no longer reacting to change, but you become the business force that drives innovation. The what, when, where, and how is unique for every business and organization. We can work with you to develop a customized plan specific to your organizational needs. For more information on how NetCom Learning can future proof your business, visit us at www.netcomlearning.com to know more.