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NetCom Supports the Tech Startup Community

NetCom Supports the Tech Startup Community

On March 20, NetCom Learning had the honor and privilege to attend one of the popular TechCrunch Meetups in New York, NY as an exhibitor. The Meetup focused on a variety of emerging startups pitching their products/services to TechCrunch writers and local VCs for a chance to go to one of TechCrunch’s biggest events, Disrupt 2014. Many professionals came from all over New York to network and learn more about the bustling NYC startup scene.  The guest of honor was Derek Gottfrid, the VP of Product for Tumblr. Tumblr is noted to be one of the fastest, rising social networking platforms today and Derek gave a wonderful talk about how he was able to move Tumblr forward as technology continues to move faster and faster.

All of the startups that presented had a variety of interesting products and services. From a mobile app that measures the importance of a celebrity’s status to a portable device designed to help smokers quit, the creativity of these startups was nothing short of amazing. There were 4 winners, one of which could be huge for shoppers.  An app called ShopDrop won the audience’s hearts as the company behind it explained that it will notify users of immediate sales and bargains at their favorite stores.

With that said, NetCom would like to throw its support to the tech startup community. We understand that you have amazing ideas to change the way people do things. However, as a recent New York Times article on Silicon Valley’s disconnection between the younger and older generations stated, you need a backend to support your efforts. This is not to say that young entrepreneurs are the problem. There are many people involved in technology that do not update their skills to stay relevant, despite being in a field that will never stop changing.

So if you’re a business owner and you want to create a mobile application, then train yourself or your tech person to create one. If you already have an app in place, how do you make sure it stays running, captures valuable data, and helps you with your financial goals? Learn business intelligence and become an expert SQL user. Even if your product or service doesn’t directly involve technology, you need a website to promote your business. You also need to record data onto documents, spreadsheets, databases, etc. Find a web developer who can bring out your message in the most effective way possible. Teach yourself the in- and-outs of office productivity software. Think of all these skills and functions as the necessary ship parts needed to keep the cruise ship of ideas you have going. Never stop learning.

If you have an idea and need help with turning it into a powerful business, NetCom Learning has all the training you need to get you started. After all, running a startup is nothing but constant learning.

We would like to give special thanks to TechCrunch for a wonderful event and for having us as an exhibitor.  If you’re interested in the startups that made their pitch, here’s a list of those that presented.


 Photo taken by Jong Wook Lee.