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Why is Attending the MS Excel 2016 Live Webinar Important?


Microsoft Excel 2016 is the dominant spreadsheet software used in every business enterprise for managing clients’ sales lists, budgeting, reports, etc. Can you imagine a workplace without Microsoft Excel 2016? Whatever the domain — Finance and Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources Planning — Microsoft Excel takes the lead. Netcom Learning has scheduled a Microsoft Excel 2016 live webinar on November 22, 2016, featuring vital information about Creating Relationships between tables and Interactive Dashboards.

Microsoft Excel 2016, with its many intuitive features, serves as an effective platform for introducing business intelligence to IT organizations. The interactive dashboard is a key feature for providing project information, schedules, and reports in an appealing visual display. Data analysts, researchers, and developers can save significant amounts of data space by creating relationships among the data tables and managing them with the help of Pivot tables, Pivot Charts, and other useful measures. Increasing business productivity becomes easy, which is why these features are used by so many IT professionals at all levels of an organization.

The free Microsoft Excel 2016 webinar offered by NetCom covers all these features in a nutshell. Participants will have the flexibility to attend the seminar from any part of the world and at any suitable time. This rare opportunity to attend the Microsoft webinar at your ease, paves the way for total concentration and better understanding. At the end of the webinar, audience members will be given the chance to pose questions in the Questions and Answers session.

The webinar will be delivered by a Microsoft Certified Trainer with specialized experience in many software platforms, who will walk you through the live webinar. The trainer has conducted technical webinars at numerous conferences.

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Grab the future today and explore the significant features of Microsoft Excel 2016!