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Microsoft Technologies: 3 Steps your IT Department Can Take to Secure your Organization

It is important to make sure that your company’s data, network and collaboration will not be affected by natural disasters like a hurricane. NetCom Learning has prepared 3 steps your IT department can take to secure your organization:

1. Protecting Data:
Microsoft Private Cloud

Cloud is a model of networked online storage. With Microsoft Private Cloud, your company will gain the automation and flexibility your IT infrastructure needs, without you worrying about the physical server during a natural disaster.

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2. Protecting Devices:
Microsoft Virtual Server

Microsoft Virtual Server is a virtualization solution that facilitates the creation of virtual machines on various operating systems. Virtual machines are created and managed through an IIS web-based interface or through a Windows client application tool called VMRCplus.

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3. Collaboration:
Microsoft Exchange Server 

The new capabilities of Microsoft Exchange Server deliver the advanced protection your company demands, the anywhere access your people want, and the operational efficiency you and the IT team need.

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