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Laptop, Coffee, and CISCO: Your e-Learning Gateway Beyond Classroom Walls

Cisco e-learning

With Cisco upgrading modern-day learning practices and simplifying learning techniques and curricula through the use of e-learning methods, the definition of acquiring knowledge has radically changed in recent times. The Cisco Digital Learning Library is a complete, convenient, innovative, and effective training portfolio. It provides the ease and accessibility of e-learning but maintains the style of an instructor-led course.

The courses included in the Cisco Digital Learning Library are self-paced and modular. The course content is broken into clearly defined sections to facilitate ease of learning. The training courses are multi-modal and include HD instructor videos with searchable transcripts and subtitles. They also come with a complete Student Guide textbook. Multiple learning techniques allow students to choose the option that best suits them.

Each Cisco course begins with a brief introduction and a supporting video. These take the learner through the course goals and provide a comprehensive overview of the module. The course is broken into logical sections for easy learning and then further divided into smaller, manageable topics for learner convenience and comprehension.

Each course is supported by a video. The instructional topic videos feature Cisco experts using a mix of live action, narration, animation, screen shots, and topologies. All videos for a course can also be accessed under the Video Playlist and are accompanied by a transcript enabled with search option. Alternatively, the student guide text allows students to learn by moving from one topic to another simply by clicking on the “next page” button. Learners can also use the search function to jump directly to a topic, create bookmarks, and add supporting notes.

Each course module includes a lab. These labs, like the videos, can also be accessed from a separate tab called Lab Listing. Once the session is complete, the learner can opt for a graded assessment to test his or her knowledge of the topic. This assessment targets the lab exercises and provides an overall evaluation of the topic. Once the course is completed, the trainees are provided badges to acknowledge their learning. They can also share their labs with communities and choose to watch lessons completed by their peers. A certificate of completion is provided at the end of the course. The Cisco Digital Library provides the optimal classroom. The following features that make Cisco such a convenient learning portal:

Effective: Combines different learning techniques and searchable transcript along with the HD instructor-led video and Student Guide textbook.

Interactive: Promotes active learning through discovery and challenging hands-on labs and assessments.

Integrated: Provides a complete compilation in one place.

Flexible: Provides simplified course material that is broken into small sections to support anytime—anywhere access. Also, allows pausing and resuming the course.

Unrivaled: Combines the latest in learning research with years of Cisco expertise in technical training and certification.

When you opt for a Cisco learning program, you are not bound to a closed classroom. You can decide your own time and place of study, along with the topic you wish to study. The browser window turns into an instant happening classroom, while computer speakers carry all the necessary instructions. Hints and guidance are also available for support as required, along with a separate manager dashboard, which provides analytics to monitor individual and team progress and track skills mastery.


With years of experience and expertise in interactive learning, Cisco provides e-learning solutions for almost every requirement, ranging from individual topics to certifications in technology. Cisco offers numerous courses. A complete list of these courses is provided below:

Cisco provides a variety of training courses, you can learn more about these courses by clicking here. Further questions? Use the inquiry form on the left-hand side of the page, or get in direct touch by using the Leave us a Message box on the bottom right of your screen. Before you select a course, you can also take an assessment quiz to judge your level of understanding. Click here for a free assessment of your knowledge about Cisco Cloud Fundamentals.