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How to Become an Ethical Hacking Expert with CEH Certification


With increasing technological penetration in our personal and professional life, incidents of security breach are also on the rise. Last year, Yahoo data security incident caused more than 500 million e-mail accounts vulnerable to threats. It disclosed that even a big organization is under the constant cyber security threat. This calls for a robust cyber security system in place, and this is where ethical hacking has become an empowering tool that can provide comprehensive defense against such vulnerabilities.

What an Ethical Hacker Do?

Often referred to as ‘White Hat Hacking’, ethical hacking involves similar mindset and practices a hacker works with, but for identifying the loopholes and developing robust security policies for preventing information and data. An ethical hacker needs to be proficient in penetration testing, system hacking, awareness of web server attacks and malware and viruses.

Job Scope for an Ethical Hacker

With growing concern for information and network security, Ethical Hacking has become one of the fastest growing information technology careers. With cyber security market expected to grow up to $170 billion by 2020 from $75 billion in 2015, there is going to be a huge demand for skilled and certified ethical hackers in the coming years. One needs to qualify the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) exam in order to be eligible to work across corporate, government enterprises, and in other cyber security consulting roles. With CEH being one of the top 10 highest paying certifications currently, this field offers lucrative and interesting career avenue for interested candidates.

How to Become an Ethical Hacker with Certification
Understand What is Hacking

Before embarking on becoming an ethical hacker, one needs to understand the different types of ethical hacking methodologies. Literally, ‘Hacking’ is a controversial term, as it generally refers to illegally penetrating a system or network. In broad terms, hacking involves different types of hackers – White Hat, Black hat, and Grey Hat. Black Hat hackers use their skills for illegal work, while White and Grey Hat implies those hackers who does hacking for good purpose (improving the security architecture of an organization’s system and network).

Develop Skills

Basically there is no specific criteria to become an ethical hacker. But having a sound knowledge with degree in information technology, computer science or mathematics is pretty helpful to build the foundation. The candidate should also be proficient in operating systems, and have good command over programming languages like C++, Java, PHP, Python, or more. Apart from these, they need to undergo proper ethical hacking training, which provides theoretical and practical skill development concerning different penetration techniques, assessing system and network vulnerabilities and work on different tools and practices. A quality and in-depth ethical hacking training course is must to develop the knowledge and prepare for the certification.

Get CEH Certified

Certification is necessary qualification that validates the knowledge and skills of the candidate on a certain technology or technique. In cyber security domain, a CEH certification is a must for a security professional to gain entry in the field and develop your career path. Provided by EC-Council, the vendor-neutral CEH certification demonstrates the necessary skills of the candidate, based on which organizations across different sectors hire professionals. To sit for the exam, the EC-Council requires the participant to have at least 2 years of industrial experience in the information security domain. Thus, a training become a necessary step in the process to develop skills and gain knowledge about industry requirements and different tools, to qualify the exam.

NetCom Learning is one such reputable name in the training industry, that provides a comprehensive, in-depth, lab-based CEH certification training course, developed in accordance to the EC-Council pattern. The participants can opt for either classroom based or live online instructor-led ethical hacking training.