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Going Mobile: An Exodus Beyond Repair

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In this era of gadgets and devices, it is rare to spot someone not engaged in a smartphone. These devices that were once considered as an item of luxury ownership, are no more classified as such. The present-day circumstances – user’s dependence on mobile devices and the affordability of devices– no more make it a product of high-end use. In a recent survey, nearly every third person in the USA owns a smart phone.

Initially, when mobile phones where launched into the market, these were almost considered as an item of immense luxury, as they were highly expensive and only facilitated mobile calling. They had come as a substitute to fixed landline calling, and thus the high cost did not go handy with the common person.

As times passed, the uses of mobile phones increased with new features and applications coming into use slowly and progressively. From just calling and SMS service, the use of Mobile Internet was the next big addition to the devices. Slowly, as more people of the common sphere started finding these mobile phones useful, their usage spread.

Ever since, mobile phones have kept evolving and facilitating services to the users. The initial mobile phones were primarily used for calling and sending SMS, while the present-day android smartphones provide a plethora of services and features. With more and more facilities being added, customers are looking for even more and this trend encourages a good future for professionals engaged in mobile application development.

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The Migration to Mobile

Not just the common man, the entrepreneur and businesses too have made a leap into mobile platforms. The ease of working from a mobile, the convenience of carrying it in place of a laptop, the round-the-clock check it provides and all other things that it helps take care of make it the first and most reliable choice for businesses and entrepreneur to migrate to.

The migration to mobile from desktop – if compared to any past human exodus – is possibly the biggest with no signs of repair. Moreover, the movement of mobiles is a global movement that facilitates ease of working by globally interconnecting the user with their business, permitted to be operated anywhere, where desired.

Opportunities with Mobile

With almost everything on the mobile, there are several mobile certifications and courses available in the marketspace today. These courses help one get trained on the features and working of mobile devices and services. The industry is in a lookout for professionals who can expertly handle these business applications and services for them. Thus, there is a high demand for professionals who have undergone such trainings and certifications and can smoothly take over business operations. Naming a few of these courses, a brief introduction to them is as follows:

20398: Planning for and Managing Devices in the Enterprise

This course is designed for IT professionals and is directed at teaching them how to use the Enterprise Mobility Suite. This suite helps in managing devices, users, and data. In addition, this course is also of immense help to students. It teaches them how to use other technologies, such as Group Policy and other Windows Server–based technologies, to manage devices and secure data.

2556: Developing Mobile Applications Using the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework (Visual Studio 2005) Course Description

This course provides developers with the knowledge and skills to develop mobile enterprise solutions. The course trains in development of mobile enterprise solutions by making use of the Smart Device Extensions for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework.

For an in-depth analysis of the complete list of courses, you can visit this link.