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Change the Learning Culture with ‘MOC On-Demand’ Self Instructed Training


The era is changing and E-learning is becoming most popular nowadays. The MOC On-Demand course is a perfect solution & a qualitative alternative for the IT professionals with busy schedules. MOC on demand will help you to enhance your competencies with video based learning that gives you the flexibility to learn wherever and whenever you want to. It offers a real-time environment for hands-on training and will allow you to become a self-instructor.

Busy Learners, save your time

Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand is brought to you by the people who wrote the software. The content is based on the same official course ware we use in our instructor-led training, and videos feature engaging experts selected by Microsoft. It will help you in enhancing your skills on Microsoft technologies, minimizing project downtime by allowing your employees to train wherever they are, as their schedules allow. Now your workforce can focus on what they don’t know, or what they need to know now, in a comprehensive learning environment


Why MOC On-Demand?

MOC On-Demand is a self-paced training experience that includes:

  1. High Quality Content – content has been created by the Microsoft expert instructors.
  2. Live Hands-on Labs – MOD will give you a real-time & live hands on training.
  3. Less Time, Lower Costs – you don’t need to travel. Be at your place and learn online.
  4. Authored by the experts – those who write software themselves.
  5. Knowledge Checks – you will get timely & immediate feedback after the end of each module.
  6. User Friendly Experience – everything is crystal clear and easy to understand.

Learn more and train yourself over various skills of Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand with NetCom Learning. NetCom Learning is honored to be recognized as Microsoft’s Worldwide Training Partner of the Year by Microsoft, and as a Top 20 IT Training Company by TrainingIndustry.com for three years.

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