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” The moment you think you know it all, you stop growing. Develop the passion for learning, be a lifelong learner. “

Award winning author, entrepreneur and CEO of learning, Russell Sarder promotes a culture of learning via his learning enterprise. Sarder is recognized as a Top 10 Asian American Business by US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce…
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CEO of Learning
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CEO of Learning
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CEO of Learning
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CEO of Learning
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I always underestimate both how difficult it is to nudge someone out of their rut and into a real commitment to learning, and how grateful they are when I do. This book will help me inspire colleagues, partners, and friends. It contains fodder for a lifetime of speeches about the power of learning.” –Dan Hoffman
President and CEO, M5 Networks

Sarder’s wonderful perspective on learning shines in this book as it provides a unique set of universal principles coupled with insights from some of the most impactful people in history.” –Russ Edelman
Founder, President and CEO of Corridor Consulting

I just finished reading your magnificent book, Learning. I found Learning inspirational. As I went from page after page I marveled at your ingenuity, using brilliant quotes from brilliant people and categorizing each and everyone in exactly the right location. Needless to say, I, as I am sure all your readers, examined each quote to determine which of the many applied to themselves. There were many that I recognized. However, Jim Rohn’s ‘Formal education will make you a living; self- education will make you a fortune,’ resonated with me in no uncertain terms. I am really proud to know you, and can only wish that we had met years ago." –Ira Neimark
Former CEO of Bergdorf Goodman


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