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Close to all time record: 12 Security Patches to protect Microsoft products

In February 2013, Microsoft issued a list of twelve security patches including 57 bugs across Microsoft products like Internet Explorer, Windows, Office, .Net Framework and Exchange Server. This brings it close to the all time record of 64 vulnerabilities identified by Microsoft in April 2011. Five of the updates will be categorized as “critical,” Microsoft’s highest threat rating, while the remainder will be considered “important,” after critical.

A variety of security patches were provided in the February bulletin for Microsoft Windows ...

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3 Must-knows About Windows Server 2012 – Server Management

Whether you operate a sole entrepreneurship or are the CEO of a multi-million dollar global corporation, saving time and money are two things that are important to your business. Microsoft understands this which is why Windows Server 2012 allows IT professionals to offer better services than ever before.

Server Manager enables the ability to manage multiple servers from one instance of the program. It allows users ...

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Microsoft Technologies: 3 Steps your IT Department Can Take to Secure your Organization

It is important to make sure that your company’s data, network and collaboration will not be affected by natural disasters like a hurricane. NetCom Learning has prepared 3 steps your IT department can take to secure your organization:

1. Protecting Data:
Microsoft Private Cloud

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