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Who is Richard Oertle, Microsoft Certified Trainer at NetCom Learning?

Richard Oertle talks about he feels he had a calling to work with computers and to teach information technology. His long experience as a trainer, and a consultant and his understanding of both hardware and software assists him with his teaching ability.

NetCom Learning instructor Richard Oertle has been an IT professional for over 30 years and a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) since 1995. He has been working with Microsoft SharePoint since the first version ...

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Microsoft Certification Exam Formats & Question Types

Microsoft Certification exams are carefully developed with input from industry professionals to reflect how Microsoft products are used in organizations throughout the world.

  1. Define the skill domain: Experts identify the critical tasks performed within specific job functions and/or when using a specific technology.
  2. Define distribution of skills on exam: These skills are evaluated by additional technical and job function experts from around the world; their evaluation becomes the blueprint that defines the distribution of questions across the skill domain.
  3. Write exam ...

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Microsoft Technologies: 3 Steps your IT Department Can Take to Secure your Organization

It is important to make sure that your company’s data, network and collaboration will not be affected by natural disasters like a hurricane. NetCom Learning has prepared 3 steps your IT department can take to secure your organization:

1. Protecting Data:
Microsoft Private Cloud

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