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How important is Microsoft Office 365 for developing a productive business environment?


Organizations are steadfast in using cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 for devising business strategies to achieve increased productivity. In 2015, as per Business Insider, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, revealed the number of Office 365 active users to be over 50 million. Another survey done by Okta, a cloud-based company, stated that Office 365 is the most deployed application among its 2,000 business customers. Join the best MS Office 365 Training ...

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Microsoft Certification Exam Formats & Question Types

Microsoft Certification exams are carefully developed with input from industry professionals to reflect how Microsoft products are used in organizations throughout the world.

  1. Define the skill domain: Experts identify the critical tasks performed within specific job functions and/or when using a specific technology.
  2. Define distribution of skills on exam: These skills are evaluated by additional technical and job function experts from around the world; their evaluation becomes the blueprint that defines the distribution of questions across the skill domain.
  3. Write exam ...

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3 Must-knows About Windows Server 2012 – Server Management

Whether you operate a sole entrepreneurship or are the CEO of a multi-million dollar global corporation, saving time and money are two things that are important to your business. Microsoft understands this which is why Windows Server 2012 allows IT professionals to offer better services than ever before.

Server Manager enables the ability to manage multiple servers from one instance of the program. It allows users ...

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