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Big Data Explained: The Whats and Hows That Matter

Big Data Courses

If we just stop to take a count, there are millions of photographs, tweets, and documents being uploaded on the Internet every day. This massive and ever-expanding collection is comprised of everything from our classified documents to family photographs and social media activities. All of this material is collectively known as Big Data.

It is not wrong to say that the world is turning into a ...

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5 Most In-Demand IT Skills Companies Will Hire for in 2017

In demand
In the past decade or so, the job market has seen a lot of changes and evolutions. Now, there are sectors and industries, that were not in existence a couple of decades back. The most evolving sector has been the IT, and it is developing at a fast rate, more than ever, as everything becomes compliant to digital.

Tech industry has impacted the whole world ...

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6 Most Popular Job Roles in Big Data


Big data is not about the size of the data, it’s about the value within the data. In computing terms, it refer to the extremely large sets of data that could be used to analyze the trends and patterns of a particular behavior. In a study, Gartner says “It’s not just about Big Data; it’s what you do with it.”

4 V’s of Big Data:

Volume: Volume defines the amount of ...

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