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GDPR Compliance: How EU’s Enactment Can Chew Us All



The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of new guidelines which the European Union plans to enforce from mid of 2018. The European Parliament, European Commission, and European Council intend to strengthen and unite data protection for the natives of European Union (EU). The regulation is currently in its transition period and is scheduled to be enacted on May 25, 2018. Once the GDPR is enacted, it would ...

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Tangled, Wired and Wireless: The Prerequisites for Stepping into the Future of Computer Networking

Computer Networking

Computer Networking – a lucrative career field

In the last decade, computer networking was considered to be a lucrative career field. This trend has continued and now there is a serious shortage of qualified and skilled professionals in the discipline of computer networking.

What is computer networking?

Computer networking is a telecommunication network connecting a wide variety of devices through wired and wireless media. Basically, ...

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Going Mobile: An Exodus Beyond Repair

Mobility courses

In this era of gadgets and devices, it is rare to spot someone not engaged in a smartphone. These devices that were once considered as an item of luxury ownership, are no more classified as such. The present-day circumstances – user’s dependence on mobile devices and the affordability of devices– no more make it a product of high-end use. In a recent survey, nearly every third person in ...

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