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5 Most In-Demand IT Skills Companies Will Hire for in 2017

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In the past decade or so, the job market has seen a lot of changes and evolutions. Now, there are sectors and industries, that were not in existence a couple of decades back. The most evolving sector has been the IT, and it is developing at a fast rate, more than ever, as everything becomes compliant to digital.

Tech industry has impacted the whole world in the recent years and has become the backbone of the market, creating employment and growth opportunities for non-IT industries as well. With the growth of Internet of Things and the influence that it has in the economies the world over, it is safe to say that there will be a huge influx of new jobs in the coming years, focusing on distinctive IT skills to drive the future.

5 most in-demand IT skills that companies will look to hire for in 2017
Data Science

Considered the hottest job of the coming decade, it deals with analyzing, and presenting insightful information from a large chunk of raw data. Data mining, Big Data, business analytics, and so, are some of the skills that are becoming core strategy platform for businesses to connect with consumers and deliver customer-centric services.

Cloud Computing

Cloud-enabled IT infrastructure is the future of the tech world, and businesses are moving from the traditional on-premises server based IT to cloud. This helps in efficient collaboration, all with so many of applications, transparency in work, product and project management, along with cost-effective business IT management. Thus, professionals having proficiency in administrating and managing company enterprises over the cloud, with knowledge on tools, like MS Azure, AWS, are sure to get hired in a higher number by enterprises.

Database Administration

To store and manage data, enterprises require robust databases, which will eventually need skilled database administrators who can easily organize the databases for the enterprises. With so much of data flowing in, and companies vying for informative, predictive information from that chunk, means professionals possessing expertise in managing the databases will also be in demand in the coming years. This will create huge job opportunities for IT experts having competent skills in Structured Query Language (SQL), and similar platforms.

Network Administrator

With evolving technologies, applications, cloud-enabled infrastructure, the network systems are also being upgraded. This requires businesses look for professionals are proficient in managing modern enterprise networks and systems, keeping pace with the evolving wireless technologies, collaboration tools, and such. Similarly, there will be a huge demand for IT managers as well, who can adapt to the changing IT architecture requirement, and streamline any changes with complete control and proficiency.

Web / Application Development

Now, we are surrounded by a huge plethora of computing devices, ranging from PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, which have enabled more and more people are now connected to the technology and the internet. This has resulted in a big boost for mobile development, giving rise to ample of opportunities for programmers and developers. The web world is also experiencing more and more presence of enterprises, large to small, making a presence in the virtual world to connect with the consumers. Thus, the scope for web development is also on the rise, which is expected to become one of the most growing sectors in 2017.

Acquiring these skills will create extensive career growth opportunities for professionals, whether one is just starting or is an experienced professional. No matter your area of expertise, if you want to leverage this growth platform, start right now, enroll for a quality IT training program, whether it is a Data Scientist course or a Cloud Computing certification course. Get trained, develop your skills and create a niche career path. NetCom Learning is one such IT consulting group, helping IT aspirants achieve their goals in their chosen industry, with in-depth, hands-on IT training, conducted by certified instructors, through classroom, online and on-site media.