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3 Key Reasons for Businesses to Use SharePoint

3 Key Reasons for Businesses to Use SharePoint

New York, NY – October 3, 2012 – SharePoint is a software program from Microsoft allowing employees of an organization to share work through a comprehensive content management system. One feature of SharePoint is the collaboration tool that allows everyone to exchange information and manage tasks. The software has a team calendar, discussion board, document libraries, and portals that serve as a way to track work assignments. The software also comes with a tutorial showing how to use SharePoint. This software is what growing organizations need to do business in today’s world.

1. Improves Employee Productivity 
SharePoint delivers an environment that improves employee productivity. The software has a centralized location where all work documents can be placed for assignment to specific employees. This site keeps track of assigned tasks including which tasks remain open for other employees. It is possible to post documents that are related to each task, and exchange conversations with employees regarding their work.

SharePoint can also be downloaded to mobile phones increasing productivity by allowing employees access to open assignments. The mobile phone access also lets employees interact with each other about work through e-mail. SharePoint’s backup features allow for storage and protection of data, preventing data loss and avoiding duplication of work effort and guaranteeing work productivity.

2. Cuts Cost with a United Infrastructure
Another reason SharePoint is crucial for business is that it provides a united infrastructure for businesses. The software has a centralized area where all important documents are stored so everyone can find the completed documents. This is a major improvement over having documents on individual employee computers making it difficult to find the most recent documents. Employees can also access their work from any computer creating an efficient business infrastructure.

This Microsoft software enables a business owner to cut costs by consolidating the extranet, intranet and internet sites so they can be accessed through a single platform. The administrative tools in the software allow for easy management of the single platform.

3. Rapidly Responds to Business Needs
SharePoint also provides business owners with a direct way to reach more people and meet important business needs. With features such as task setting, calendar and document sharing, owners can spend more time developing marketing strategies and building the business. It is also possible to keep track of employees through the software and easily send them new assignments and receive completed documents. Additional features of the software allow for access to Excel documents. A blog feature provides employees with a way to access the latest company news.

The use of SharePoint in any organization requires a solid plan, and a deployment strategy. This ensures that the environment is reliable, scalable, and manageable and has a design which meets departmental and organizational needs. SharePoint can be an essential part of a plan to increase employee productivity in a business organization. This digital signature solution can seamlessly be integrated into a business, making it possible for users to accept, audit and approve legally enforceable documents and centrally-located records. It also contributes to achieving a paperless office and a streamlined business model.

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